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[Aug. 3rd, 2005|07:09 pm]
[Shinra On Crack] We Supply, You Demand.


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All right folks, I've decided to actually do something with this little community of mine. Prepare for a restoration to the information and the community.

Also, I have five Shinra doujinshi pieces I need to get scanned and placed up. If any of you want them, I'll send them to you.

I currently have the following doujinshi:

Rescue Me - Tseng x Rufus oriented doujinshi by Wasab'z

An Unknown Doujinshi because I can't read Japanese worth shit - Mostly crack, including Tseng and Reno fiddling with Cait Sith's controls.

Another Unknown Doujinshi - Shinra antics, including Rufus "death" scene. But since Advent Children came out, he is technically "alive".

Good Heavens! - Includes Hojo x Turk Vincent. Hurray! Reno x Rude antics, and Elena finding shower photos of them. And Tseng being Tseng. All good.

Ground Zero - Beautiful Doujinshi completely Rufus oriented.

So yeah, folks, I'll get those scanned as soon as possible. Lord knows I own ALT doujinshi from Christmas.

And, with Otakon coming up, I'm probably going to purchase some more doujinshi.

Oh yeah, and if you're going, I'll be there as Don Corneo's guard/advertising bitch boy, Reno, and Rufus Shinra. On Friday and Saturday, I'll have a Don Corneo and another Reno with me. On Sunday, I'll be in the company of a President Shinra, a Reno, and hopefully a Tseng.

Yeah. I'm going to die in the Southern heat.

Thank you!

Your loving moderator,


[User Picture]From: catiechu
2005-08-03 11:41 pm (UTC)
Your icon makes me very happy.
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[User Picture]From: skyfalls
2005-08-04 01:28 am (UTC)

TsengxRufus? ::perk.::

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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: turkswithrabies
2005-08-04 02:02 am (UTC)
That would be Rescue Me. A lot of it is quite cute. Probably my most favorite section of the doujinshi is when Rufus and Tseng are talking in Rufus' office, right after Tseng has a flashback of little Rufus.

Anyway, on the next page, Rufus stands up, walks over to Tseng, and takes his hand, then proceeds to press it against his cheek. This brings back a flashback again, of little Rufus.

The next page is Tseng twisting his fingers around Rufus' ear, holding him close. Rufus looks kind of shocked, and Tseng kind of lowers his head, but Rufus' smiles.

The panel next to it has little Rufus' hand holding onto Tseng's hand.

It makes me smile.
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