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[Shinra On Crack] We Supply, You Demand.

A Community for Hot Shinra Loving

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All Members , Moderated

Shinra On Crack is a community for Shinra-Loving people to post anything they so desire. Whether is be fanart, cosplay photos, icons, or just ideas, they may be posted here. YAOI and YURI is acceptable, so please, respect others posts.

1. Respect people in the community.
2. Respect the Mod.
3. Anything "not work safe" will be put under a livejournal cut.
4. Start a fight, and you might as well die.
5. Don't stray too off topic.
6. No flaming.
7. Please put a warning in the header, or in the livejournal-cut text if the document and or photo you are putting up has YAOI or YURI content. Thanks.


Want to apply for Mod privilages? Well, here's how you can. You need to fill out a little survey for me, and e-mail it to me at the following address: reno.cicilia [at] gmail.com

Name or Nickname:
Past Moderation Experience:
Why do you like Shinra?:
Why do you want to be a Mod here?: